Are you working with 'marginalised' people who have difficulty to procure a sustainable livelihood, and you need professional help?

JV-Consultancies can help you with the implementation of appropriate agricultural or other kinds of projects or programmes by providing advisory, assistance or assessment services.
These Triple-A services are based upon five key values!

Our clients are national or international development organisations or networks, either on a non-profit or commercial basis, working in Eastern Europe, Africa or Latin America.

If you are interested in using our Triple-A services, please contact us for more information or a quotation free of obligations.
JV gives advice in BiH Women with lettuce on her head JV teaches in Albania Men in cassave field JV inspects a potato field in Morocco Women in rice field - Mozambique
"More than one billion people are now estimated to be undernourished……." 
[FAO, 2009]